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Located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia since its establishment in 1980 considered one of the leadest private sector companies in the region. Flex Solutions is focused on providing high-quality maintenance and operation services to commercial offices, restaurants, medical and industrial facilities and homes. The company currently occupies a leading position among similar national companies, and it has implemented many public projects in the government and private sector with high efficiency and strong capabilities to be an ascending graphical line of unlimited confidence spanning since its establishment.

Our Message

We look forward to providing the highest levels of service to customers on specified time manners and in accordance with the budget allocated, taking into account the quality requirements and efficiency.

Our Vision

We seek to occupy the forefront of the region’s companies specialized in maintenance &operation services in the kingdom, as we seek to establish a solid and long-term relationship with our clients with all our capabilities and expertise.

Our Values

Our values ​​and principles in dealing must remain a luminous lamp and a bright planet in all our dealings internally and externally. We have solid foundations that enable us to fulfil our mission, including (ensuring customer satisfaction, their trust and our commitment)


Our Mission

Developing integrated and specialized solutions for facilities using environmentally friendly technologies, and providing a safe and healthy work environment for our customers while doubling investment in utility services and activities.

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Why Us?

Continuous Improvement

We evaluate the latest technologies and innovative methods in order to provide our customers with cost-effective and high quality solutions.


We work to define and understand our customers’ needs, set standards for this, and direct our business strategy to improve performance



We believe that flexibility leads to excellence and therefore we design all of our services according to the specific needs of each customer

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